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A place with rich history

The rich history of Woolwich is woven into the very fabric of London’s dynamic character and worldwide attraction. Named after its prime position as a well-known trader of wool, Woolwich has continued to be an important part of the London story. It went through a period of extensive growth during the 19th Century with the opening of various factories and the advance of the South Eastern Railway line. The famous Woolwich ferry started in 1889, provided a free service connecting North and South – a service that is still free today! Originally home to Arsenal football club and the Royal Arsenal Co-Operative Society, Woolwich has a rich history steeped in community and innovation.

Kings Troop, RHA, Charlton April 2015

Naval Gun, Woolwich, London. Photograph of the original at the Woolwich Royal Artilery Museum

In 1512 Henry VIII chose Woolwich as the site for his flagship Royal Dockyard, which was to become a defining factor in its history. Woolwich continued to have an important role in military support with the establishment of the Royal Arsenal and its laboratory, which played a key part in both World Wars by manufacturing ammunition and goods for civilians.

Live in the Present

With the buzz of London’s unique culture and its wealth of opportunities nearby, Woolwich is perfectly placed to offer the best of both worlds. Recent Regeneration initiatives have given Woolwich a new lease of life; building upon its rich history as a town that prides itself on its strong community, Woolwich offers a community to love, live and grow.

Computer generated image of the development

A vision from the architect

At Trinity Woolwich, we were inspired by the locations rich military history and the existing London stock brick walls which surrounded the former barracks, parade ground and stable blocks on the site.

New homes are built in complimentary silver-yellow bricks and their ‘turreted shape’ echoes the historic events which took place in the area. Behind the new streets, homes look onto quieter courtyards and walled gardens where the building materials contrast in colour and texture. Here, resident gardens will be planted with trees and shrubs, providing a sheltered backdrop to outdoor private and shared spaces.

Carl Vann
Trinity Walk Architect

Living in Woolwich

Discover the secret charms and unique heritage of one of London’s most revitalised neighbourhoods. Woolwich offers a whole host of local attractions and amenities to explore; from food markets to museums, it has something for every taste. Try out local food markets and restaurants, browse the mix of shops on the local high street or shop until you drop at Westfield Stratford. Alternatively, why not hop on the DLR to visit the Greenwich Maritime Museum and marvel at the newly re-built Cutty Sark? From nearby you can wonder through the beautiful Greenwich Park or enjoy the green open spaces of Woolwich Common.

Thames path

Green and open spaces

Near to the river Thames

Woolwich market stalls

Thames barrier

Powis street

Woolwich Town Hall

Woolwich Town Hall

The Woolwich Centre

The Royal Artillery Barracks

Great local schools

Cutty Sark

The Transport

With excellent transport links to arguably the most dynamic and exciting city in the world, Woolwich is perfectly placed for those who love the buzz of London and beyond.

Plan for the future

Recent regeneration initiatives and the arrival of Crossrail usher in a new phase in the history of Woolwich. The last few years have seen an explosion of developments in Woolwich, including residential, office spaces, open spaces and amenities, and with the opening of Crossrail in 2020-2021 providing faster, better transport to the centre of London, this is a trend that is set to continue. As well as developments within Woolwich itself, the Royal Wharf development nearby has plans to become a new business centre to match Canary Wharf. The largest development of its kind in the UK, the area is set to generate significant growth and business opportunities for Woolwich and London.

With all this investment, Woolwich is fully prepared to realise its future potential. Changes to the surrounding area and new links to the centre of London will be deciding factors in defining Woolwich as the new ‘place to be’.

As part of the Woolwich Estates Renewal Programme, the Trinity developments are set to become a central feature of this new future. A place with community at its core, it will play a key role in enhancing and rejuvenating the area to make the borough an even better place to live.


There has been a lot of talk about the advent of Crossrail, and for good reason. Once built, Crossrail will connect East to West via the city centre, radically reducing travel times for millions going into the centre of London.

Woolwich Crossrail is set to open in 2018 and will herald in a new era for Woolwich. With 12 services an hour, passengers will be able to reach Canary Wharf in 8 minutes, Liverpool Street in 14 minutes and Bond Street in just 22 minutes.

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