Homes for sale

Homes for sale availability

The table shows the current properties available at Trinity Walk. Please click on the plot status to view floorplans and further details

Plot Number Building Floor Bed/Bath Type Area SQF Price Status
B602Searles Court (B6)-012/2apartment1077£509,950
B623Searles Court (B6)032/2apartment794£464,950
B618SEARLES COURT (B6)021/1apartment563£359,950
B626Searles Court (B6)031/1apartment563£reserved
B620Searles Court (B6)021/1apartment563£359,950
B625Searles Court (B6)033/2apartment1029£529,950
B605Searles Court (B6)002/2apartment794£reserved
B604Searles Court (B6)003/2apartment1083£reserved
Shared Ownership
Shared ownership availability

Shared ownership properties will be available from Spring/Summer 2017. Meanwhile, if you are interested, please register your interest

To find out more about shared ownership and the eligibility process, please visit PA Housing’s website